Now there are no written records written by us because we were an oral culture, any stories and important information was passed down orally through each generation. The only things we actually did use our writing was for poems, songs, and short messages with one another. If we did write down any information they were on perishable objects like bamboo or palm leaves, and if not they were on things like the famous Laguna Copperplate, however we haven’t found them yet. Perhaps someday we might find some more written records by us but for now we still haven’t found any besides the Laguna Copperplate, so we must make do with what the early Spaniards wrote about us and the islands, which thankfully they did in some detail or else none of that would be known today. That and also records from neighboring area’s like China and Borneo.

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(For Barangay, reading the book is limited so if you want to read certain pages look at the contents pages with all the chapters and go to where you want to read and learn most. Now if you have passed your limit of viewing, you can go to the other Google books site (Philippines or U.S.) and continue where you left off until you get pass your page viewing limit again.


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