So after months since I created the site and bought the domain last year (in which the site has been sitting in my corner of the web collecting dusts until now) , I have finally officially opened the blog. One of the major reasons for this site is to actually blog and write, not just reblog and post pictures like I have been doing on Tumblr. Not only does it make it easier on myself in regards to blogging but also to my readers who look forward to the cultural and historical information they learn.

So are there any new changes? Not really. The Tumblr blog will still be up and running however for the most part it will gradually just be reblogs of others posts and photos. All future written blog posts will be posted up on this blog from now on with links to the post to Tumblr and other social networking sites like Facebook. Basically this will be the main blog from now on in regards to actual written content on various topics.

As you can see I have a few old blog posts from Tumblr up on the site from 2012 all the way to August of 2013. Any written content on the Tumblr blog after this timeframe will eventually be added on to the site gradually.

But ya feel free to browse around the blog and read old blog posts if you haven’t read them already and enjoy the new site! 🙂

– Ate Ligaya



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Ligaya is the Executive Editor & Writer at Pinoy-Culture.com. She lives in NYC with her two dogs and spends her time reading, writing, collecting and buying books online and in safe haven, Strand Bookstore, watching her guilty tv show pleasure Vikings, and overdosing herself in coffee as a certified caffeine addict. Her book, Diwatahan: A Look Into the Precolonial Beliefs, Practices, Myths, & Folklore of the Philippines, is currently in progress and is scheduled to be published in Summer of 2017.

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