Want to Submit an Article?

Want to help contribute and write for Pinoy-Culture? While we do have our regular writers we welcome those who are interested in sharing their knowledge, opinions, and experiences with the staff and our readers.


How To Submit: 

All those interested in writing for Pinoy-Culture.com must send their submissions to submissions@pinoy-culture.com. You can submit anything from Pilipino history, culture, your travels around the Philippines, food, politics, activism, fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle, decolonization, opinions on current issues, and anything that is engaging and relevant to the Pilipino community. If you have any reviews on Pilipino books, movies, shows, music, restaurants, businesses, etc. they will also be well received. With this said there are however a few requirements and rules that must be met when submitting an article.



  • Language wise, all submissions must be in English as we do have readers who do not speak any language from the Philippines. You may however write in your preferred language whether it is Tagalog, Bisaya, Kapampangan, Ilokano, etc. that is included in with the English translation.
  • Now we aren’t looking for a long written research paper (however if we receive them we won’t deny it) but we like to see a moderate amount of reading material in the article. The submission must be at least 250 words. There is no limit on the actual word count other the the minimum limit so feel free to write to your hearts content.
  • We only accept submissions that are original and unpublished. We do not accept anything written from other blogs including your own nor do we accept anything not written by you. Any submission found to be plagiarized or stolen which will not be tolerated will automatically be deleted or declined. If the submission has been published on Pinoy-Culture and the writer is found to have plagiarized or stolen the content they will be notified immediately with a possible ban from contributing future articles and the submissions will be deleted.
  • Any photos added with the submission must either be owned by you, is a stock photo, or you have been given permission to use it.
  • You acknowledge that your submissions will not be automatically published and may be rejected for any reason. This includes plagiarism, discrimination, racism, vulgar, sexually explicit content, and bigotry. We do allow some profanity however over excessive use will not be accepted.


At the moment we do not pay any writers to write for Pinoy-Culture. Perhaps in the future we will but at the moment we do not. All submissions and articles written by individuals and by are our editorial staff and regular contributors are people who want to share and empower the Pilipino community. We do however offer an author profile for all writers that you may add to your portfolio especially those in the blogging and writing community.