Pilipinx Sacred Tattoos Workshop
A Spiritual Practice of Uniting Ancestors & Descendants
by Lane Wilcken

For those in New York and the NYC metropolitan area!

Lane Wilcken, author of Filipino Tattoos: Ancient to Modern (which I did a review for here) and The Forgotten Children of Maui: Filipino Myths, Tattoos, and Rituals of a Demigod and also a contributing author to Back from the Crocodile’s Belly: Philippine Babaylan Studies and the Struggle for Indigenous Memorywill be holding a Pilipinx tattoo workshop on May 16, 2015. The early bird special ends tonight so if you are interested in attending the workshop do so now before the early bird special ends! Lane will be talking and teaching about our indigenous tattooing and general overview of indigenous tattooing throughout the Pacific which share the same Austronesian lineage.

In the workshop he will discuss the difference between modern tattooing and ritual, of the traditional spirits, mythology, and cosmology involved in our tattooing. He will go into the symbolisms of certain tattoo motifs, the tools used, and he will be doing a hands on tattoo ritual session during the workshop for those who attend the workshop to see first hand how it is done.


When: Saturday May 16th, 2-8pm.
Where: NYC. Specific location will be disclosed to you via email a few days before the actual event if you registered.
Early Bird Special: $180 (ENDS TODAY, MAY 6)
After May 6th: $210
Where to Pay, Save Your Spot, & Register (via Paypal):  Here


For any questions or if you are interested in a private tattoo ceremony and appointment on Sunday, May 17th, contact nyshamaniccircle@gmail.com or call 646.727.0332.

For more information visit Lane Wilcken’s page.

I will personally be attending the workshop so if you are planning on attending message me and let me know! 🙂

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