• What does the KKK stand for in some flags and what does it symbolize?

Before I begin let me point that our KKK has no relation to the racist KKK group as it has caused some misunderstandings in the past for us especially when we wear shirts, hats, carry around flags, etc. with KKK written on it. For us Filipino’s and in the Philippines KKK stands for Kataastaasang Kagalanggalang Katipunan, with the full title being Kataastaasang Kagalanggalang Katipunan Ng Mga ng Anak Bayan which means “Highest and Most Honorable Society of the Children of the Nation”. It was a revolutionary, anti-imperialist movement against Spanish colonization and rule that was founded in 1892. It was actually a secret organization formed to try and get rid of Spain and to become an independent nation until the organization was discovered in 1896 which eventually led to the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution.

So for us KKK and its symbols stand for our revolution and national liberation from Spain. Today it is also used for todays revolutionary movements in regards to liberation and socialism.

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