• Are there any historical depictions of precolonial deities? all i can find are modern interpretations.

Nope, none really except a few minor few and there aren’t any statues or anything like that depicting them that exists today. All we have on the ones we know is what group of people worshiped them and what they were worshiped and known for such as a deity for harvest, of lightning, war, the sea, of a certain mountain, etc. Any figures of deities that people had in their homes according to the written accounts were burned. The figures that were known to be placed along the roads, rivers, etc. (think of the Japanese stone figures placed in random areas by road sides) with their offerings in porcelain plates like what was recorded in Panay and Tondo were destroyed as well. So not a lot is known in specifics about the deities physical descriptions just the basics of their name and what they were worshiped for.

The only deity figurines to ever be found were the famous Golden Tara of Agusan figurine made out of gold, the Garuda, and though not really deities they are divine beings which are the Kinnari and some Padmapani images. All are images and beings from Hindu-Malayan and Vajrayana Buddhism which brings us to a time where certain groups in the Philippines like those in the Visaya’s and parts of Mindanao as well as area’s around Manila and Tondo (proven by the Laguna Copperplate) that the people and areas were a part of the outer Srivijaya empire and practiced a mix of Hinduism and Buddhism just like the people in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia.

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