• Just wondering, what are your thoughts on the interracial relationships between Filipin@s and White people?

Meh, I have mixed feelings. I don’t care if you know, a kababayan truly loves and marries a white person or interracial relationships in general. But if it’s say like an old white man coming into the Philippines to find a “bride” who is like how many years younger then him, or one of those shitty mail order brides crap, then ya I have a problem with. I also have a problem with white men who have these fetishes of Filipino women such as we are submissive, perfect brides here to worship them. Ya hell no.

That whole submissive, quiet, obedient, Maria Clara stereotype and perception of Pinays are a thing formed during Spanish colonial rule. If you look back before they arrived, women were highly respected in society, were equal to men, and were strong women who wouldn’t take crap from anyone, and that’s something the Spaniards didn’t like and tried to get rid of.

So generally I have no problem with it, unless of course in the instances above then yes I strongly do.

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